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Atrani, Italy | by Andre Russcher | via allthingseurope
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Jaén, Spain (by EDU S.G.)
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Don’t settle.

Consejo for my tender heart and to the tender hearted.

Don’t lose sleep over anyone that hasn’t ever let tea grow cold while considering your well being.

Don’t board up your heart just because someone broke the windows and stole your past from under your bed. Build mosaics from the broken glass and promises and sell them to tourists who blame the locals for everything, knowing they will knick their fingers on the rough edges.

Don’t forget that even when you feel ashamed or foolish, there is never anything wrong with loving hard and giving wholly.

Don’t let your love be a currency you wished you never spent. Let it be a deep rooted vine that may have been cut down mercilessly but will return, strangling out the weeds and deeds and growing up towards the sun.

Don’t allow the silence to become deafening when there are songs waiting to be sung. Songs about you, to you, for you.

Don’t let bitterness make you feel weak but instead make the sweetness to come be like pomegranate seeds that burst with promise between tender fingers.

Don’t settle.

My best friend sent this to me yesterday, which she has done before and I think its something she has placed in her heart.. but, it was a nice reminder for wherever you are in your life. It also is a reminder to me to not get hung up on things that are so menial to the bigger picture. We’ve got a life to live, people to meet, truths to discover and nights to dance away. I fully believe that as long as we live our truth, express our truth and love and give whenever we can, really good things will come - especially when we aren’t trying to hard but just living it on a daily basis. 

I’ve learned a lot these past couple of months, about my boundaries, about my true friends and what is worth worrying about and what is worth letting go of. Spring is coming finally..


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